Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome Astrid!

A little more than a week after her scheduled due date Astrid Dewi Hedvig Fransson finally arrived early Friday morning, 12.55am.

She was 7.2 lbs and 19.5" (3,2kg and 49,5cm) and is of course beautiful:-)

We also wish to welcome Astrid's cousin, Gianella. She arrived a few days early. Just as beautiful and with just as proud and happy parents, Jason and Inu.

/Mikael & Andi


Monica said...

OH MY GOD, she is the most beautiful little girl! SUPER COGRATS to Andi for a job well done! (I guess you helped a bit as well Frasse ;).

So bummed that we are having colds over here but we really hope that we can come and see you all soon!


Anonymous said...

Stort grattis!
Vet inte varför men kan inte se några bilder finns kanske ngt filter på mitt jobb. Om hon så ännu bara har fått en liten liten del av sin mors skönhet måste hon vara underbart vacker.
Kram till er alla

Erika said...

What a little beauty. Congratulations to the whole family. Best wishes to you all